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We are a mother-daughter team of Cree/Sepwepemc knowledge keepers from Papaschase First Nation of Edmonton, Alberta. 

Over the last 5 years, we have been on the last cycle of a 26 year supernatural journey to find one profound truth that would bring positive change to the world & help us to reclaim our sacred identity.  That truth is, 

We are Supernatural!

We are excited to launch our 

“Awaken the Supernatural Within Campaign.”

A grassroots social movement, to bring people together in oneness for the earth.  

Read all about it in our E-Book:  The Raven Journey: A Supernatural Memoir 

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Join Us! 

So your are joining the Campaign!  Bringing people together through creativity.  We appreciate your support of our dream to get an RV.  All sessions are through honorarium with a minimum amount.  You can donate directly through this website through the purchase of 

our E-Book & Supernatural Portrait. 

Thank you for your support! 

We do this in 3 easy steps. 

STEP 1: Download & Purchase 

our E-Book & read, you can download directly from this website in the SHOP Section of this website. 

❤️ Get inspired to Join! Then purchase the 

Awaken the Supernatural Within Experience in the SHOP section of this website. 

STEP 2:  Book your Supernatural Portrait Experience.  You get a 40 minute transcribed expression of your supernatural frequency, with a photo, and 12 powerful medicine totem mantras.  They are 9 x 11, completed in watercolour & ink, and you get mailed (shipping extra) to you or you get to keep (in person session), BUT it also includes, a 30 minute Soul Retrieval Session to invoke powerful energy healing & cleanse trauma

from the soul. 

STEP 3:  Post your video or photo of your Supernatural Experience on our YouTube Channel or Tik Tok Channel. 

I can’t wait to connect to all of you.  

Welcome. ❤️🥰🙏


Laurie & Aurora Anderson

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The main offering. You get a 30 minute channeling session,  9 x 11 Digital Portrait, voice memo of your unique message describing your pathway, supernatural connections, a 30 minute Soul Retrieval Session, and exclusive access to a Oneness Group Event.  (Minimum $111 honoraria) 

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For events, guest speaking, or any other inquiries please send an email and you will get a response within 24 hours.  Thank you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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